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Unite the Bight Elliston

Unite the Bight Elliston

The District Council of Elliston resolved unanimously at its Ordinary Council meeting on 16 January 2018 to support a moratorium on deep water oil and gas exploration and drilling in the Great Australian Bight to protect the fishing and tourism industries and pristine environment.

Council Meetings

Council Meeting January 2018

January 2018: Unite the Bight Elliston deputation to Council(513 kb)


Council Meeting November 2017

November 2017: Unite the Bight Elliston deputation to Council(1488 kb)


Supporting Documentation

SA Oyster Growers and SA Oyster Research Council key points from hearing November 2016(203 kb)

Letters against Oil & Gas Drilling in the GAB(1254 kb)

Unite the Bight brochures(5231 kb)


Submissions to the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications

April 2016: The Australian Institute submission to Senate Standing Committee(2878 kb)

April 2016: South Australian Oyster Growers Assocation submission to Senate Standing Committee(5627 kb)

April 2016: City of Victor Harbor letter to Senate Standing Committee(220 kb)


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